International Business Days is a unique MICE-EVENT that the Khabarovsky krai Government holds for the first time.

It is a platform for demonstration of investment, trade and economy and tourism capacity of the region for partners and investors from other states. CEOs of larger companies, the authorities, diplomats and businesses of Russia and foreign states are expected as attendees and Participants of the Days.

“International Business Days is a key event of 2018 in the Khabarovsky krai. The Khabarovsky krai is a political, economic and industrial center of the Far East of Russia. The krai has aircraft and watercraft manufacturing, ferrous metallurgy, oil processing, electric power engineering, woodworking. The krai can boast a beneficial geographic location as a large transport and logistics center of Pacific Russia. The Khabarovsky krai economy is export-oriented. Hence the target for International Business Days is to convey information on the export, investment, and tourism potential of our region to the broadest spectrum of our foreign counterparts so that the effects of the event are seen in the new agreements and contracts.”

Vyacheslav Ivanovich Shport, Khabarovsky krai Governor

Parallel to business talks and presentations a multi-industry exhibition of export companies will open in Khabarovsk. It will bring together dozens of Khabarovsky krai companies and also top managers and representatives of businesses from the People’s Republic of China, Japan, the Korean Republic, Mongolia, Vietnam, the USA and other states.